SME Modernization Program

Modernization is a term used to describe the journey of getting SMEs online, getting them to make use of cloud services, and ultimately forming part of the digital economy.

Various African governments have realised the value of including SME Modernization programmes into country policy to enable economic growth and job creation overall.

Why Modernization?

“The future of Africa lies in the future of small businesses creating jobs”

When is a country suitable?

“Imagine the power Africa has when their SMEs are online and ready for business!”

What makes it successful?

“An African government who sees the value of a small business sees the future”

Key role players?

“SME development is the responsibility of a number of players not only a selected few”

The Steps?

“A structured approach should be taken to modernize African SMEs”

Which SMEs are eligible?

“Small and medium sized businesses have different needs and should be treated as such”